A Healthy Mind

I talk about headspace a lot when it comes to losing weight. It's been so so important for me to get in to that space where I felt positive and motivated, and able to apply my positive energy and focus to the food I was eating.

I have noticed more and more the trickle effect that it has had. First it was exercise, feeling better in myself meant that I wanted to get out more, use my energy and connect with myself in the peace and quiet whilst taking a walk. The more I did it, the more energy I had and the better I slept. I could finally see what a rut I was in and how different life was now that I was out of it.

The longer I continue on my journey, the more I realise how much more it effects. My relationships with my husband, my son, my friends. Everything. I feel like a completely different person, but I know I am still in such an important phase of discovery.

I speak about balance a lot. Creating the balance in my life that I desperately need. Finding balance in the food I am eating, the one I spend with my family and knowing when to say no. So much of my journey started with the ability to JUST SAY NO or let things go.

This is really important. I have a full time job, and I also own my own small business. The work / life balance struggle is real. I am also lucky enough to be surrounded by strong, incredible women who own their own businesses and also have families. It's inspiring to see my friends grow their passion and businesses, but it often comes at a cost, I know because it's happened to me. It happens so gradually that I think sometimes we don't notice. But our health and ability to recognise stress weakens. We still make sure our families are taken care of, but we forget about ourselves. Sounding familiar?

We as women have so many commitments, it's totally true. Mostly they are things we sign up for because we have the best intentions, or maybe it's just because we feel guilty (little Johnny's school really needs help!), either way, we need to learn to make better decisions. Don't say yes to everything - or make sure in saying yes, it's not detrimental to you or your family.

Saying No is OK.

Here's what I've found. Once you start saying no (whether it's to customers, school or your family) you free up time. Time is SO IMPORTANT. Freeing up valuable time means that maybe, just maybe you'll be able to take some time out for yourself. You'll be able to think. You'll be able to work on being mindful and present because you won't be so rushed and under pressure.

Time is very, very important if you want a healthy mind. Your mind needs space. Your well-being needs time.

I challenge you this week to say no to someone or something. Instead do something for yourself or spend it with your husband, kids or dog - all of the above. Try free up a little of that all important time. I did it this week by inviting my friends to come and sit in my garden with me for a few hours. It was good for the soul and I loved the messages I received from them all saying how much they loved and needed it.

What will you do for you?