You Are Not Alone

This is not a Michael Jackson song. I know it sounds like one, and it's deep, but stick with me here.

I have received so many private messages on Facebook & instagram this week from people just like me who are (were) stuck. Stuck. In. A. Rut.  Feeling helpless, feeling like they are making the same mistakes over and over again, feeling like they don't know where to start - or HOW to start.   What I am writing, and the journey that I am on is speaking to people and that means a huge deal to me. The messages I receive are in private and you don't see them, but they are there, and do you want to know what is funny? You are all writing almost exactly the same thing.

I want you to understand something really important.  You are not alone. There is such a common thread among all of us, we are all woman with busy lives who have fallen out of taking care of ourselves. I say fallen out because I assume it's like falling out of love, it just happens.  What's done is not done forever, you can make changes any time, you don't have to be stuck in the rut. Reaching out to someone is the best thing you can do.

In these messages, the main questions I get are about food. What am I eating? What have I banned? Are my portions different? What have I restricted? What am I have for lunch every day. I know it sounds like an utterly stupid statement - but it's not about the food. Ladies, it is not about the food.
Of course, what I am putting in my mouth has a huge impact on my weight and my success, but it's the WHY that is the most important, not the WHAT.   Being mindful of what you're eating, taking care about what is going into your body - that is the key.  Having your head in a place where you WANT to care for yourself is what it's about, and the rest will follow. I make choices so differently now than I did before, I no longer 'act now make up for it later', I'm thinking about what I'm doing. 

Once you start to be mindful and THINK about what you are eating, it makes such a huge difference.  Someone very smart said to me, the next time you are going to make a less than good decision when it comes to food, think about why you are eating it, don't necessarily stop yourself, just be aware. And once you've eaten it, did it make you feel better? Did it solve your problem?

I can tell you what I'm eating, I can make recommendations based on what I believe and what has worked for me (honestly, I'm happy to if you need a nudge in the right direction), but you all know already what works for you (and your family).
I KNEW that I shouldn't be eating so much bread and sugars, I 100% knew it but I did it anyway out of convenience and laziness. I knew fast and processed foods were not great. That is the honest truth.   I knew I was 'treating' myself every damn day with crap food that was actually making me miserable, and I thought it was making me happy.   It's not making you happy.   It's doing the opposite.

I know I talk a lot about your headspace and how important it is - but I also don't want you to overthink this.  You don't need a rock bottom like I did, you don't need this all encompassing 'reason' to start, it's different for everyone. In reality all you need to want to do is change, and I know that you already do.

Write a list of things or habits, things that you know you could change.  They can be small things or they can be big things. Just start at number 1 and every few days move on to the next thing.  You don't have to build it up to be a big start day like the ever famous 'I'll start on Monday'. Just start today or tomorrow, like Kylie, who is not having bikkies at work this week (she told me so just today).  

Be like Kylie and START. Make a change - just one and before you know it you'll be crossing off goals.