The Power of Inertia + Green Beauty & Skincare

I don't like to make New Years Resolutions, just like I don't really like Valentines Day. You should show love every day. You should set goals and smash them every day, not just one day of the year.   So this is not a resolution, more of an accumulation of a bunch of goals that have been evolving and forming in my head since changing our family lifestyle 8 months ago.

One thing leads to another. You start eating food thats better for you, you welcome nutrition and wellness into your life and a positivity inertia happens that starts to build and become bigger.  Start with one thing, then build on it.
Now that I think about it, this has actually been happening to me for months - start, just start on one thing, and then move on to something else - smash those goals. However you need to be careful with the goal setting, if you try to start with goals that are too big, you may resign yourself to failure before you start.

So I started with what was the most important to me, which was my health, and the health of my family.  I changed one habit at a time not only for myself, but our family. Tick, we are doing bloody great and I'm very proud.  I am still learning a lot about food and the effects different things have on the body, but it's a journey and one we are enjoying and seeing the benefits of.   During these changes we started taking a real interest in not only what we are eating, but the quality of the foods we're buying and where are they from. Are they local?  Are they nutritionally dense?

What started as an interest in understanding more about where the food I was eating came from and it's quality, turned into much more.  When you are being so careful about what goes IN your body, all of a sudden, what you are putting ON your body  becomes important too.  Skincare is a great example. Are these products that I'm using on safe?
Is it ethically sourced and how many chemicals are there?

Speaking of chemicals... (nice segway Justine)
Something that has happened along the way is that I've started to learn more about the sheer number of chemicals that we use in our every day life and the effect it has on our hormones.  I went to hear Ben Warren speak, and although the health and nutrition information was an awesome affirmation of what I'm already doing, the information about chemicals, fertilisers and plastics was absolutely incredible and a lot of it new to me. In the past I have always shrugged off this kind of thing, but I left that night with a promise that I this was something that I would work on. Having struggled with hormone issues all my life, I made a goal to start getting rid of as much of the plastics and fake oestrogen's as possible. It feels like an unsurmountable task because it's everywhere - the plastics, packaging, skincare, soaps - it's endless, it really is all around us.

Never the less, I have started, and there are things you can do in your householdthat are small but have a big effect. There are within our control and effect our own environment, so when you feel like you can't change the world - stop focusing on the world, and focus on your own back yard, so to speak.  We no longer have any plastic packaging in our panty, except for some new Tupperware (that I can happily confirm is BPA free if manufactured out of NZ or Australia after 2010). I switched to glass jars for everything. And I didn't go out and buy the glass - I re used our coconut yogurt jars from Cathedral Cove Naturals. Win.

We also no longer have any chemical cleaning agents in the kitchen and through most of the house. I invested in some Norwex products that have silver in them, you just clean with the cloth itself, no sprays required. Tick!   It was an investment, I spent around $150 on kitchen cloths, tea towels, window and bathroom cloths - but I now no longer buy cleaning sprays.  We choose hand soaps, shower gels, dishwasher and washing detergent that are all plant based, natural and NZ Made.  There are more and more plant based cost effective options all the time.

I also believe that what you put on your skin as far as skincare and makeup goes is really important. This is really a lesson I think you learn later in life (God, I sounds really old) as you start to realise how important your skin is. And I'm not talking about it being important so you look young. Yes, sure, that's great - but I'm talking about what is seeping in through your pores, likely clogging them, and into your bloodstream.  I can't believe the change in my skin since switching to organic skincare 2 yrs ago, add on top of that the sharp decrease in sugar and my skin is the best I think it has EVER been.

40 & Loving my skin!

40 & Loving my skin!

So what are the options? Lets just start by saying, please buy cruelty free products. It's not hard to find out if a product or brand you use is cruelty free.  We are very lucky in New Zealand to have some amazing brands that are NZ owned that are organic, vegan, cruelty free and incredible products.   I use both Tailor Skincare and World Organics. Both are great companies with great practices that do not break the bank.
Mineral foundations are also awesome if you don't want to be putting the harsh chemicals on your skin, I use YoungBlood and it's AMAZING.

Organic Skincare World Organics and Tailor Skincare, plus one of the many eco friendly home products we've switched too - Only Good.

Organic Skincare World Organics and Tailor Skincare, plus one of the many eco friendly home products we've switched too - Only Good.

You may have noticed I've talked a lot about what is available that is made where I live. That's New Zealand. I love it here and I want to support NZ made products from companies that I believe have ethical practices and help our economy!  I feel this is so important. Wherever you live, you should do the same. Support your local farmers, makers, growers and creators.  I completely understand that sometimes it is more expensive to do so and maybe you don't have the excess income to do that, but sometimes it's not and it pays to check.  For me, it's worth paying a little more.

And yeah, sometimes I just go to Kmart like everyone else. That's ok too :)