Be Nice to Yourself

Last night I did a post about my blog and the start of my journey on Facebook to all my friends and family.  I don't know why I am always surprised when people are so supportive and lovely, but I am genuinely overwhelmed by the kindness people have shown.  So many of you gave encouraging words, and some even messaged me privately.   Thank you, it made me feel really positive! I've thought a lot about whether or not putting myself out there on social media and a blog was a good idea, am I just setting myself up for disappointment?  Maybe I shouldn't overshare everything in my life for a change, and do it quietly.
Maybe. But I've come to realise, that THIS is how I get support, this is how I reach out. This is how I communicate a lot of the time. I'm not asking for validation - I'm asking for support and I think there is a huge difference between the two.

Anyway, back to Facebook. OK, so when I did my post, I started it with these words:
"Here's the thing. I'm kicking myself in the ass.
Like, a good, firm, what are you doing with your life kick in the ass."
I went on to explain what I was doing, why I was doing it, and gave everyone the link to my very first blog post.  I clicked 'Post' and sent it out into the universe.

Later on after I posted it and was reading through peoples' comments, I was thinking about the words I had used to describe my intention, starting with 'a firm kick up the ass'. I had it totally wrong.  This whole change in my mindset is actually about doing the OPPOSITE of kicking myself in the ass or beating myself up.

I don't need to beat myself up anymore.

I've done it enough and it's time to stop.  We all do it right?  Constantly lecturing ourselves as we lay in bed late at night, making promises about tomorrow and what we will do differently.  I spend too much time feeling bad about all the things I'm not doing right, instead of congratulating myself on the things I do well.   It's time we just get past bad decisions and choices and just commit to make better ones and move forward.  I have forgiven myself and all my mistakes and it's time to move on and just do the best I can.

Be nice to yourself people - we all make mistakes, we are all doing our best. Most importantly, just because you've made choices that might not be the best, you can change that.  We all have choices. We all have the ability to make CHANGE and better choices.