Magic Potions

I should start by saying I don’t actually believe in magic potions. 

A few weeks ago I noticed something new on my face.  I’m hardly old, but I’m 40 and gravity (I fear) is starting to take hold. There, under my left eye - a bag. A really big one. So, I did what any modern girl would do - I  took to social media to ask for advice on ALL of the magic potions. I got a huge response, especially on Facebook. 
 I got so much great feedback and advice, ranging from ‘honey, there is no magic potion to help you now’, to my favourite ‘Embrace your body’. My Aunt even volunteered ‘If that’s all you have to worry about, then life is good’. Touché.

Out of all this, and peoples legitimate concern that I was going to take to my face with some needles, I would like to clarify something.

Whilst I don’t LOVE my new bag (just one, I only have one so far, we are not into plural yet), I also don’t hate it. 

It’s part of my face.

I actually love my face. If you can’t tell from all the selfies I take, you know now.

For years when I felt overweight and uncomfortable in my body, I never felt ugly. I was the big girl with the pretty face. If I had nothing else, I had that.

I know now that I had more than that, and it's a shitty way to think about yourslef, but this is what happens to overweight young girls. So much value is put on your body from an aesthetic point of view rather than health. Us chubby teens learn(t) to rely on other things, like big shiny personalities and pretty faces.   

Like being a good sister, daughter, Aunt & friend. 

Like being kind, funny and generous. 

Larger than life. 

This face made me feel confident to do all of those things and I knew my smile made other people smile, and that was important to me.   

So my face falling a little and creating a few bags doesn’t actually concern me that much. It’s part of who I am, and sorry to be cliché, but I’ve earned the lines and bag (*singular). I’ve done a lot of smiling and laughing in my lifetime so far, and if the payoff is some lines and bags then I'll take it. 

Now back to my original post - I found it really interesting hearing what skincare regime people use. I never put much value or importance on skincare when I was younger, but in the past 3-4yrs I have finally started paying attention.  

What started it was having my friend Jenna, who is a beautician and a bit of a skincare superstar, come to my home and teach my friends and I about organic skincare and how we should be caring for our skin. I have never ever been interested in science or biology, but listening to her talk about the effects of the things we put on our skin made me a believer, and I am now organic all the way!  I have been using organic products ever since. 

My next experiment is changing over my current skincare to a brand I have heard so many amazing things about, Tailor Skincare. This is an organic, NZ made, vegan range that I started using just one or two products of a while back, have absolutely LOVED, so now I'm taking the plunge to swap over my entire regime.  Their product 'Hydrate' has made such a huge difference to my skin so I'm keen to see what happens when I'm using it exclusively. 

So no magic potions - but good skincare is a must, as is making sure you're being kind to yourself from the inside out! Drink lots of water, stay away from foods you know are so bad for you. Also important is pampering yourself once in a while. Today I am heading to Jenna's amazing space, Beautea in Fitzroy, to be spoilt with a facial.  Self love is important and facials are at the top of my list!