Yesterday was a milestone for me - and it was not at all scale related.  It's what I call a non scale related win!  Not all milestones are about the next kilo lost, sometimes they are things that happen as a result of the weight loss - like fitting an old pair of jeans, someone complimenting you or noticing that your habits have changed.  It's not all about the scales.

One of my biggest motivations for losing weight that I've been very open about is wanting to participate.  To be able to run around with my very active 6yr old boy, instead of always watching from a chair or the kitchen window.   I want to play without being out of breath and uncomfortable, I want him to grow up with memories of me being there, not on the sideline.

Bill is the active one, he always does the active things with Aiden. Yesterday at our little school cross country, after all of the races, the kids were told to grab a parent to do a run around the field. It's one of those feel good parent participation activities that the kids love.  Anyway, Aiden automatically went to Bill, it hadn't occurred to him that I would run.  So I said, "Hey buddy, can I run too?".  Aidens face lit up, his little hand grabbed mine and he couldn't get me to that start line quick enough.

I don't think I will ever forget that moment, or the feeling, or the look on his face.  I almost burst into tears right there and then, but I was too happy.  His face, it was pride, I had made him proud and he was so happy in that moment.

So I ran!  I ran all the way around. I participated.  Bill & Aiden ended up leaving me for dust (they had a race to win!) but I paced myself and ran (almost) the whole way.  OK so there was about a 10 second pause half way, but you get the idea.

When I got to the finish line the boys were there cheering and handing out high fives. It was a wonderful moment.

To everyone else it was just a feel good kid activity, no one paid much attention, but for me it was a big deal, it was a big day and a massive achievement.