Balance is not something you find. It's something you create. 


When you lose 30kgs in less than a year, people want to know the secret.  They want the prescription, the remedy or a quick fix that will help them achieve the same results.  It’s totally fair enough, I get it. I remember asking those same questions once upon a time.  I was overweight, unmotivated and felt like a spectator in my life. It’s not a nice feeling, by the way.  I was SO BUSY in my life (superwoman complex anyone?) that I totally and utterly stopped looking after myself, it really is as simple as that. 
It might sound cliché, but girl, I let myself go. 

Hashtag, relatable.   

I would have loved for someone to give me the answer. Alas, I had to find it for myself.



A little about me and why I started My Balance Project and The Balance Project events around NZ.

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