An Introduction

Heeeeey, I’m Justine.  Mum of one beautiful boy, Aiden. He is 7, and as you will quickly come to realise, he is my world and my 'why'.
I have been married for 16 wonderful years to my Canadian husband Bill, he is also my world.  We live in rural New Zealand and love our life and everything in it. It's a life that we have created and are very proud of.  


Just over a year ago, I decided to change my life. Like so many of us, I was stuck in a rut. .  I was overweight, unmotivated and felt like a spectator in my life. It’s not a nice feeling, by the way.  I was SO BUSY in my life (superwoman complex anyone?) that I totally and utterly stopped looking after myself, it really is as simple as that.  It might sound cliché, but girl, I let myself go.  Hashtag, relatable.   

I was not kind to myself, ate badly and beat myself up about most of my decisions on a daily basis. And then, rockbottom moment followed by a breakthrough. 

Since then, I have lost 32 kgs / 66lbs. 

I am on a journey, an ongoing project to better myself.  This is my story of how I made that change, how I changed my relationship with food - and myself.  I created this community because we all need to support each other, and one thing I've learnt - there are so many of us feeling the same. So I want to build a community of women who can help us when we fall down, and pick us back up.

So, welcome. This blog is about me. It’s about trying to create balance, making positive changes, and being present and in the moment.  It’s about finding other people on the same journey in the hopes that we can help each other, sharing nutrition tips, motivate each other to get off the couch and hey, I want to look bloody fabulous while doing it so totally sharing fashion as well!

Earlier in 2018 I began to think about creating an event that would bring women together in person, to truely connect and talk openly about womens wellness and our challenges. The Balance Project was born and I held my first event in New Plymouth with Michele Matangi and Zara from The Wellness Project in April. It sold out within a few days and it was an incredible, powerful evening. Our second event takes place in Wellington in July, with plans to add Palmerston North and Auckland this year as well. I love this forum and the opportunity to share my story and help to inspire their change. 

I have since been asked to speak at more events, which I am really loving. 

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